Radian 5 Approved for Airline Use

20th February 2017 Product News

Great news for travellers and explorers! Radian 5 is TUV approved for use on an aircraft! There’s now no need to worry about what car seat you are going to use at the other end.

Radian 5 can be used forward facing on an aircraft for children from 9kg to 25kg.  Due to the limited air cabin space and restriction for the passenger in front, Radian 5 cannot be used rear facing although when installed forward facing the table and entertainment screen can still be used, good news for your little ones to keep them occupied!

To allow other passengers to get in and out of their seats easily, install your Radian in the seat nearest to the window.

Be aware that the installation method is different to a car as the aircraft is fitted with a lap style belt rather than a 3-point vehicle belt. A seatbelt shortener can be purchased separately and is recommended as it may be required depending on the type of aircraft to stop buckle crunch.


We would always recommend contacting your chosen airline prior to your flight to check their regulations on using a child car seat.

You can download a copy of the TUV certificate by following the link below:


And a handy installation guide is also available:


Happy holidays!!!