ADAC Testing of Radian 5

ADAC*, the German test facility and Which? recently released test data for Radian 5 following dynamic safety testing and ease of use analysis at their facility. When used correctly, Radian 5 performs very well but was marked down for two reasons; firstly due to the complicated nature of the seat because there are so many parts to install and secondly because the seat was set up a different way than intended in the forward-facing configuration. We can confirm there is no product fault and Radian 5 is safe to use when installed and fitted correctly.

Radian 5 has multiple uses and installation methods available which can be confusing. Radian 5 adapts to meet the needs of the child from newborn all the way to 7 years and is implicitly designed to fit each occupant size not only from a functional perspective, but also from a safety perspective. This means there are lots of elements in the box to ensure children are properly protected at every age but this is a positive for parents because they get a lot of use out of one seat. When properly used, these devices provide a high level of safety.  

Radian 5 is a combination seat covering multiple groups and traditionally these get lower scores because of the complicated nature and changes that have to be made to the seat as the child grows. This is normal because combination seats cover multiple age groups and of course have to be updated to accommodate very small children initially to larger children when they grow. When additional pieces have to be added it increases the risk of a poor installation and therefore Which? and ADAC place a high importance on this. However for the consumer, buying 1 seat instead of 3 can be a massive benefit and Radian 5 is safe to use when installed correctly.

In a video released from ADAC of the test, Radian 5 can be seen with the 15-25kg harness pads installed the wrong way around. This will negatively impact the results. This highlights the importance of correct installation and as a result, we will review the Radian 5 manual and instructions to ensure we give clear guidance to parents who purchase the seat. We will create simple and clear directions on how to fit and install Radian 5 to minimise potential errors in fitting. We have an ongoing program of activity to train our retailers who can assist with installation of Radian 5 and we recommend parents always get their seat fitted by an expert. For any parents who have queries, our dedicated customer service team are available to help.

The safety of children is very important to us and Radian 5 performs very well in an accident when all the required parts are fitted correctly. The Diono Radian 5 has successfully passed or exceeded all tests required for the EU under the ECE R44 / 04 regulation. On top of passing all the necessary regulatory tests, we have received a number of awards and positive test reports from news and parents’ magazines, bloggers and end-users. Radian 5 is a strong and durable child seat thanks to its complete steel frame and its usability up to the age of seven.

*Note the ADAC test data has been used by Which? to generate their report.

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