monterey® 4DXT

the original monterey® booster has evolved.

  • 15 Improvements: We’ve introduced 15 upgrades in safety, comfort and style to provide the next evolution in a long-standing legacy
  • One Booster – 8 Years of Adventure:Like all Diono boosters, expect up to 8 years of service, so you can rest assured that the Monterey 4DXT will be with you for the long haul.
  • Adjustable Protection:The height and width can be adjusted independently for safety that envelopes their head and shoulders up to 12 years of age. Forward-facing 15-36kg or up to 160cm.
  • 3X Superior Side Impact Protection: The new 4DXT features the 3-layer Side Impact Protection system built in. From EPP foam coating, to the molded rigid shell casing and EPS coated outer shell, we’ve lovingly engineered every detail to keep your little one safe.
  • Optimized Fit: With a 30mm reduction in the seat back, we’ve redesigned the Monterey base to improve fit in any vehicle, without reducing the internal seating capacity.
  • Always Travel Ready:The 4DXT is super portable, lightweight (16.98lbs/7.7kg), easy to store and with our great flat pack feature it makes the perfect travel companion for your little one.