Leila Hage Garcia

20th May 2015 Safety Stories

For her son’s first birthday, Leila Hage Garcia bought him a very important present: A new car seat since he had outgrown his infant seat. She bought two, one for each of the family cars. “I spent a great deal of time researching which car seat I should buy before settling on the diono radian rXT” said Leila. “People gave me a hard time saying that I wasted a lot of my savings on something that wasn’t necessary; however I stood by my choice.”

In May of 2015, she was justified in her choice. Leila and her husband were driving on the interstate when one of their tires had a blowout and they lost control of their Ford Explorer. The Explorer rolled three times before coming to rest on the shoulder of the freeway. Leila’s first concern was her son in the back seat. She climbed out her window and into the back seat to find her rear-facing diono seat still securely strapped in, but empty. “Where’s my baby?!” she screamed and a Good Samaritan standing behind her handed him to her. “He had stayed strapped in and safe, in fact my husband said when he got to the car seat, Bobby had laughed as my husband unstrapped him.”

Said Leila, “It was a tragedy, but had I bought a regular plastic car seat it could have been much worse. The roof of the Explorer came in on us and I’m grateful that Bobby had his diono car seat to protect him. My most precious piece of cargo was checked out by an ambulance and again at urgent care and given a clean bill of health. I want to thank diono 1,000 times for making a car seat that withstood the torture of a rollover crash and protected my precious son. I’m very grateful for it!”

What are Diono safety stories

Safety is our #1 priority and innovative protections are lovingly engineered into all of our car seats and boosters. Our customer care team compiles stories from Diono families around the world who have experienced real world crash scenarios where their child seats were put to the ultimate test.

Are radian car seats available in the UK?

Radian 5 is a multi-stage car seat, based on our US bestselling radian rXT convertible car seat. Radian 5 covers Group 0, 0+, 1, 2 – offering rear or forward facing harness use up to 25kg.