Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the delivery window after I have ordered a product through the Diono website?

When an item has been ordered through the Diono website, it will take approximately 7 working days for it to arrive at the address you have provided.

2) It has been over 7 working days and I have still not received my product.

Please contact Customer Care at and they will investigate it further.

3) Which countries do Diono UK ship to?

Any products purchased through the Diono UK website will only ship to areas within the United Kingdom. We also have retail websites in the United States, Canada and Germany that can take orders and ship to those locations.

4) What should I do if my vehicle is not listed on the associated Fit Guide?

If your vehicle is not listed on the associated Fit Guide for our products, then we cannot guarantee it will fit inside your vehicle. Please review the measurements given on the shopping page for the particular product to determine whether or not it will fit.

5) What are the measurements for the Radian 5?

The measurements for the Radian 5 are:

* Width Top – 45cm
* Width Bottom – 41cm
* Height – 74cm
* Depth (unfolded) – 39cm

6) I’ve seen the Radian 5 is suitable for use on an aircraft. How can I apply for my certificate and sticker, so I can take the Radian 5 on board?

Please send an email request to and we will be able to assist you. On the request please provide your contact name and address so we can send out the correct paperwork.

7) Where can I find the installation videos for your products?

You can find all related installation videos for Diono products via our YouTube page here.

8) I’d like to return a product. How many days do I have to return it to gain a full refund?

If you wish to return the product and gain a full refund, you will have to return it to Diono within 14 days of purchase.

If you have paid via PayPal, then the refund will be made within 24 hours.

If you have paid via WorldPay, then the refund will take up to 10 days.

If your product is damaged, faulty, or you have received an incorrect product, Diono will refund the delivery cost of sending the product back to us. If you are returning a product for any other reason (e.g. it is different to expected or doesn’t fit), we are unable to cover the cost of return.

9) How long is the warranty for Diono products?

The warranty lasts for 12 months.

10) I am searching for a replacement part which is not listed on the website. How would I go about buying one?

If you need a replacement part which is not on our website in the Replacement Parts section, please contact us at and we will investigate further.

11) When will a product be back in stock?

Due to the shipment times of items, we are unable to specify a date of when an item will be back in stock. You can sign up to a mailing list in relation to the item that will update you when it arrives. If there is an option to pre-order, you can do this as well.

12) My diono convertible car seat has kick out. Is it incompatible forward-facing?

If you are experiencing some forward movement on the bottom of the seat, please follow these steps to reinstall and check for tightness of your diono convertible car seat. You should first reposition the car seat on the vehicle seat and reinstall the car seat. You then should check for tightness at the forward-facing belt path. A tight car seat should move less than one inch side to side and front to back when checking only at the belt path. If you have accomplished this tight fit, your car seat is correctly installed.
Checking at the front of the car seat is not the correct place to check for a tight fit. The car seat does not get secured at the front base of the seat. All crash loads are being taken down at the forward-facing belt path, not at the front of the seat. This is the exact procedure used while undergoing crash testing.

13) In the Fit Guide, there is an image showing that the Radian 5 can be placed in positions numbered 1-6. Does this mean I would be able to fit 3 Radian 5s across simultaneously?

No. The numbers represent the positions that the Radian 5 can be placed, not the amount of Radian 5s.

14) What are the rules for taking a Radian 5 to the United States should I travel there?

If it is a temporary visit, then you can use the Radian 5 as you normally would, as long as you follow the installation procedures as expected.

It must be placed in the back seat of your car, as the front seat has air bag sensors that will trigger with the Radian 5 up front.

You can install it in the back both forward-facing or rear-facing. However, if you intend to stay in America for over a month, you will need to purchase the Radian 3RXT from Diono US.

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