Common Questions about ERF

Where does a child put their legs when rear facing? Won’t they be uncomfortable and won’t their legs be broken in a collision?

  • Children are far more flexible than adults and will sit comfortably with legs crossed, feet up or frog legged
  • They are actually more comfortable having somewhere to rest their legs and feet rather than having them hanging
  • More leg injuries are reported in forward facing children as the legs fly forward and hit the front seat.
  • If a leg injury were to occur then it would be far less serious than an injury to the head neck or spine

How do I see my child and interact with them?

  • If your child is RF you can buy a mirror to attach to the headrest to see them from the vehicle rear view mirror
  • If you are driving it is always advisable not to turn around to see your child as this is unsafe. If your child is rear facing you will find you will be more attentive to the roads.
  • Your child can see as much if not more through the side and back window when rear facing and you can still play games like I spy. If they were forward facing the front seat would obstruct their view, they don’t have this obstruction when rear facing.

My child doesn’t like to rear face. What should I do?

  • All infant car seats are rear facing so we advise to stay this way for the next stage car seat and then there is no difference
  • Children quite often dislike things for a while before they forget. Sometimes they might not like holding your hand as you cross a busy street but you know it’s safe and hold onto them regardless.  It’s the same with rear facing, it’s 5 times safer.
  • You can tell them that this is how Astronauts sit when they go up in to space…after all this is where it all started!

I’ve heard that RF seats are more complicated to install, is this true?

  • Extended rear facing seats are quite often installed with a seatbelt. This is because the isofix points aren’t strong enough.
  • It is more involved to install a belted seat vs isofix but once you follow the instructions and have done it the first time, it becomes easy.
  • Always read the manual thoroughly, watch any available installation videos and where possible visit your local retailer for a demonstration or have the seat installed.

I only have a small car and RF car seats take up more room

  • Most car seat manufacturers have a vehicle fit guide to show which cars are compatible
  • We would recommend visiting a specialist retailer to fit the car seat to ensure a good installation
  • Many seats have a recline adjustment and Radian 5 can be used with the Angle Adjuster for children with full head control which provides up to 10cm more space

If my child can sit unaided and has outgrown their infant carrier can they travel forward facing?

  • Muscle control does not factor in whether or not your child should be forward facing.
  • At 9-12 months a child’s spine is still not solidified and the head is proportionally larger so rear facing is much safer.

Is there a difference during a crash when the child is rear or forward facing?

  • When a child is forward facing the impact forces a child to be flung forward placing forces of up to 320kg on the child’s neck.
  • If the child is rear facing the seat takes most of the impact and the force to the child’s neck is just 50kg in comparison.

Isn’t Isofix safer than seat belt installation?

  • It is a common misconception that isofix is safer. It is easier but a seatbelt can hold a heavier weight and is therefore stronger than isofix connections.
  • It is always very important to ensure a correct installation, regardless of method.

I didn’t even have a car seat growing up and I am fine

There are more cars on the roads now than ever, therefore, there is a higher risk of accidents happening. Speeds of cars are also faster.

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