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With baby on the way, a car seat is one of the first baby 'must-haves' you'll actually use. Diono Radian 5 combination car seats are designed to grow with your precious cargo - from the 1st ride home from the hospital to school runs in a forward facing 5 point harness.

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Twins and Multiples

Twin mom Samantha Gomez recently reviewed the Radian, saying "These seats are ideal for parents of multiples!" The Radian 5 keeps children comfortably rear-facing from birth to 25kg for the safest possible position. Premium, plush head and body support cushions are included for newborns and infants.

Extended Rear Facing

Popular Rear Facing Car Seat Bundle

Radian Angle Adjuster


Easy View Plus Baby Mirror

Easy View Plus™


Perfect for Rear Facing

Total Bundle Price

Two Under Two

Rear or forward facing with our 5 point Safe Stop® energy absorbing harness up to 25kg, so you decide when it's time. Low-sitting profile makes it easy for your children to board and machine washable covers make dealing with spills and spit-up a snap.

Multi-Stage Convenience

When we talk about safety, that’s where Diono really starts to break away from the pack…

Family Wheels

The Diono radian models have built a reputation on being narrow and working well in a lot of 3-across scenarios.


Outnumbered but loving every stage

Purchasing car seats is an investment. Finding a multi-stage design that accommodates growing children and growing families can deliver cost-savings without sacrificing safety, comfort or usage lifespan.

Fits 3 Across

As a mother to five children, I can’t stress how much I love these seats.

Miranda at EmilyReviews.com

We did have to have 3 across in our car for over a year. We had 2 FF and one RF with no issues.

Amy, mom of 3 boys

Car Seats for Family & Care Givers

Moving a car seat between vehicles and ensuring proper installation can be a challenge.

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It isn't the cheapest car seat. However, it is the best car seat. You can't put a price on your kid's safety. So, all in all, this Diono Radian 5 car seat is a 10 out of 10, 5 stars, two thumbs up. Can't knock it at all. It's the best car seat we've ever had. Brilliant!

Luke @ Blended Parent Network

Overall, this is a great car seat which is comfortable, durable, safe and long lasting. To add to this, it has a 10 year warranty. We just wish we'd had it from when our daughter was a newborn!

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