10 Things A Mum Reviews Loves About Quantum

Here at diono we’ve made it our passion to lovingly engineer ideas that are all about safety and smiles – wherever you are going. Winning awards is wonderful, but we absolutely love it when real mums tell us what they think.

Mum of two Petra shared ten things she loved about the Quantum travel stroller.

1. The Hood

You can’t miss the hood or eclipse canopy as it’s called. It’s brilliant! It’s so useful for protecting my little one and I’m very pleased that I don’t have to worry about a separate sun cover when using the Quantum.

2. The Shopping Basket

When it comes to pushchair shopping baskets, size really matters and bigger is better. The Quantum has an XL shopping basket that fits so much and you can easily get to it from both the front and the back if you angle the seat.

3. Easy Fold

Once I learnt how to fold the Quantum, it’s really easy and you can do it one-handed if needed. I’ve had prams for years before that I struggled folding but not this one! It folds compactly too if you remove the seat.

4. Easily Reversible Seat

Many pushchairs come with reversible seats but they’re usually quite annoying to change. With the Diono Quantum, you just lift the seat off and turn it around and click it back in. You don’t need to change any of the attachments or anything like with other pushchairs that I’ve used.

5. Carrycot & Toddler Seat in One

You use the same part to make the carrycot and the toddler seat. Such an innovative design! You simply connect four clips to make the carrycot into a seat.

6. Car Seat Ready

The Quantum is car seat compatible and the adaptors are included which makes it quite a perfect travel system. You can choose which car seat you want separately to go with your pushchair.

7. Easy Clean Wheels

I like that the wheels can easily be removed to be cleaned when needed.

8. Coordinated Touch-Points

All the buttons and handles you might need to use to adjust things and fold the pushchair are colour co-ordinated so you can easily see where you need to press, push or pull.

9. Comfort

The seat is padded and comes with a reversible liner. My toddler looks really comfortable sat in her Diono Quantum and can sit up properly when she’s awake and then recline for a nap.

10. Easy Assembly

The Diono Quantum was really easy to assemble! You really just click the wheels into place and add the basket as it is or clip it together to become a seat. Then you add the hood and you’re ready to use it!


Read Petra’s full review here.

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